Tajikistan Plans to Fully Transition to Green Energy by 2037

President Emomali Rahmon announced that Tajikistan aims to generate all its electricity from green energy sources by 2037.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Third High-Level International Conference on the Decade of Action “Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028” in Dushanbe, Rahmon emphasized the country’s commitment to this goal.

“One of our objectives is to transform Tajikistan into a green country by 2037,” Rahmon stated. He highlighted that more than 98% of Tajikistan’s electricity currently comes from hydropower, with plans to achieve 100% by 2032. The president stressed the importance of water resources in this transition and the country’s efforts towards a green economy.

Rahmon also mentioned the “Program of Natural Gardening of the Country until 2040,” which aims to plant over 2 billion seedlings. Additionally, Tajikistan focuses on regional cooperation for water management. “We are ready to enhance regional cooperation in Central Asia and engage in constructive dialogue to address urgent water issues,” he added.

The conference, which started on June 11 in Dushanbe, gathered over 2,000 participants, including world leaders, government officials, and representatives from international organizations. Alongside the conference, various forums, festivals, and exhibitions are showcasing Tajikistan’s water resources and potential.

This event marks the third occurrence of the conference in Dushanbe, with previous ones held in 2018 and 2022. It supports the UN-declared Decade of Action “Water for Sustainable Development,” aimed at promoting sustainable water management globally. The conference is organized by the Tajik government with the support of the UN and other international bodies.





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