Storm Warning Issued for 16 Regions Across Kazakhstan

Kazhydromet RSE reports that a storm warning has been declared in 16 regions of Kazakhstan.

On January 26, Astana anticipates ice and snowstorms, with southwestern winds reaching 15-20 m/s, occasionally reaching 23 m/s during the day.

Almaty is expected to experience ice in the morning and afternoon, with intermittent fog towards the end of the day.

In Shymkent, heavy precipitation, primarily snow, is forecasted for the night, with periods of fog and icy conditions.

The Abay region in the west and center is bracing for a snowstorm during the day, featuring south to southwest winds at 15-20 m/s, and gusts of 25 m/s.

The west and north of the Akmola region are expected to face heavy snowfall, icy conditions, and snowstorms, with winds shifting from southwest to northwest at 15-20 m/s, reaching 23-28 m/s in the morning and afternoon in the western and eastern parts of the region.

The southern half of the Almaty region will experience ice and fog in the morning and afternoon, with fog anticipated in Konaevo throughout the day.

In the Zhambyl region, ice is expected in the afternoon in the south and mountainous areas on January 26, with a subsequent snowstorm at night. Fog is forecasted from January 26 to 28, along with a southwest wind transitioning to northeast at 15-20 m/s and gusts of 23 m/s on January 26 and 28. Taraz is expected to have fog on January 27-28 during the night and morning, with southwest winds gusting at 15-20 m/s on January 26 at night.

The West Kazakhstan region is forecasted to have fog on January 26.

A snowstorm is anticipated in the north of the Karaganda region, with south to southwest winds at 15-20 m/s and nighttime snowstorms in Karaganda with a south to southwest wind gusting at 18 m/s during the day.

The Kostanay region is set to experience snow and blizzards in the north, east, and southeast.

In the Kyzylorda region, fog is expected in the center.

The Mangistau region anticipates southeast winds at 15-20 m/s in the west and gusts in the south, with Aktau expecting southeast winds at 15-20 m/s.

The Pavlodar region’s south and west are in line for a snowstorm, with southwest winds gusting at 15-20 m/s.

Snowfall is expected in the North Kazakhstan region, particularly heavy in the west and south, leading to blizzard conditions across much of the region. Fog is predicted in the east during the night and morning, with northeast winds at 15-20 m/s. A snowstorm is forecasted in Petropavlovsk.

On January 26, the Turkestan region’s south, mountainous, and foothill areas are set to experience heavy precipitation (rain, snow) and ice at night. Fog is expected in the center, south, and mountainous and foothill areas, with blowing snow on mountain passes. The wind will be northwesterly, turning easterly on the mountain passes at 15-20 m/s, and Turkestan may experience intermittent fog. The north of the Ulytau region and Zhezkazgan are both anticipating a snowstorm at night.




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