Secret Tunnel for Drug Smuggling Discovered on Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan Border

Authorities in Uzbekistan have uncovered a cross-border criminal group involved in smuggling large quantities of unverified medicines from India through Kazakhstan.

According to the State Security Service of Uzbekistan, the smuggling route started in Delhi, India, with the drugs being transported to Almaty, Kazakhstan. From there, they were moved to the border village of Dostyk in the Saryagash district of the Turkestan region. The drugs were then smuggled through a secret tunnel into the Urikzor mahalla, located in the Tashkent district of the Tashkent region.

The tunnel, which was 310 meters long, led to the house of a resident of Urikzor mahalla, born in 1975. The tunnel was equipped with ventilation, lighting, trolleys, and ropes to facilitate the transport of goods.

Authorities seized 17,048 packages of Indian-made drugs, comprising 107 different types, including Albumin, Remdesivir, and Meropenem. The total value of the seized drugs is estimated to be over one billion soums (approximately 80 thousand dollars).

A criminal case has been opened, and several suspects have been detained. While the exact number of detainees has not been disclosed, four individuals can be seen in the accompanying video.





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