Sadyr Japarov Initiates Construction of Car Plant in Chui Region

Kyrgyzstan is getting a new car assembly plant, and President of Kyrgyz Republic, Sadyr Japarov, has kicked off the construction.

Situated in the Chui region near Bishkek, the project is a collaborative effort between the Kyrgyz Republic’s Cabinet of Ministers and a Chinese company.

At its initial phase, the project boasts an investment of $115 million, aiming to assemble up to 80,000 vehicles annually, spanning passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and even electric automobiles.

President Japarov expressed the ambition to establish a national automotive brand for Kyrgyzstan, emphasizing the production of vehicles, auto parts for export, and the expansion of international trade. He highlighted the potential economic benefits, including job creation and increased revenue, while underscoring the importance of overcoming barriers hindering industry growth.




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