Remains of Kazakh Soldier from WWII Transferred in Moscow Ceremony

In a solemn ceremony at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia, the remains of a Kazakh soldier who lost his life during the Great Patriotic War were handed over, reports citing the Embassy’s press service.

Discovered near Moscow’s Apalshchino village in May by the Echo of War search team, the soldier’s identity was established through the medallion found on his person. Seylan Mametov, drafted by the Kazalinsky district military registration and enlistment office of the Kzyl-Orda region, fought with the 785th Infantry Regiment of the 144th Infantry Division. He lost his life defending Moscow on November 7, 1941.

During the ceremony, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Dauren Abaev underscored the significance of the event as a tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for future generations. Abaev emphasized that the heroism of that era would forever be etched in the hearts of Kazakhstanis, commemorated through various mediums such as books, songs, monuments, memorials, museum exhibitions, and street names. He expressed gratitude to the search team, acknowledging their noble mission and invaluable contribution to historical memory.

Gennady Ivanov, the commander of the Echo of War search detachment, praised soldiers like Seylan Mametov for halting the enemy’s advance toward Moscow. Ivanov acknowledged Mametov’s selflessness, courage, and fulfillment of duty, expressing gratitude for the sacrifices that paved the way for present-day freedom.

Despite efforts, Seylan Mametov’s relatives remain unknown. The soldier’s remains will be transported to Kazakhstan for a burial with full military honors.

The collaborative efforts of Kazakh and Russian search teams persist in their mission to locate the remains of fallen soldiers.


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