Presidential Candidates Kick Off Pre-Election Campaigning in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has officially entered the campaign period for its upcoming extraordinary presidential elections, set to take place on February 7, TuraNews.kz reports.

The registration process for presidential candidates concluded on January 9, resulting in the Central Election Commission (CEC) approving and registering seven candidates for the race. The diverse pool of candidates includes:

  1. Ilham Aliyev – Presidential candidate from the right-wing party “New Azerbaijan” and the incumbent head of state.
  2. Zahid Oruj – Independent candidate.
  3. Razi Nurullayev – Presidential candidate from the National Front party.
  4. Fazil Mustafa – Candidate for the presidency of the party “Velikoye Sozidanie.”
  5. Elshad Musayev – Candidate for the presidency of the “Great Azerbaijan” party.
  6. Gudrat Hasanguliyev – Candidate for the presidency of the “People’s Front of Holistic Azerbaijan” party.
  7. Fuad Aliyev – Independent candidate.

The commencement of the campaign period signifies a crucial phase where candidates will engage in various activities to present their platforms and connect with the electorate. This period will extend until February 6 at 08:00, allowing ample time for candidates to articulate their visions and address the concerns of the Azerbaijani citizens.

The election process aims to contribute to the democratic representation of the people and the selection of the country’s next leader.


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