President Tokayev: Kazakh Language to Serve as Language of Interethnic Communication

At the XXXIII session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan themed "Unity. Creation. Progress", Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed his confidence that the Kazakh language will eventually become the language of interethnic communication.

President Tokayev emphasized the importance of unity among the people and called for strategic restraint and tolerance in addressing the language issue, which has historical significance and holds implications for the socio-political stability of Kazakhstan. He stressed the need for comprehensive development of the state language, foreseeing its evolution into a means of interethnic communication over time.

“In many countries, language has been and remains a significant issue. Kazakhstan is no exception. We must approach this sensitive matter with strategic foresight and tolerance, considering both external and internal factors. Nonetheless, we should not overlook the importance of nurturing the state language, which I believe will gradually serve as the language of interethnic communication. This transition is already underway. Other considerations are primarily of political nature,” remarked the President during the session.




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