President Tokayev Honors Electrician for Heroic Act at Kostenko Mine

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has bestowed a prestigious award upon an electrician from the Kostenko mine for his courageous actions during a recent incident.

According to a statement from Akorda’s press service, President Tokayev signed a decree recognizing the exemplary service of Kosanov Aybar Bekbolatuly, an electrician working in the underground section of the Kostenko mine operated by the Qarmet Joint Stock Company.

In acknowledgment of his selfless and effective response to a critical situation, Kosanov Aybar Bekbolatuly has been honored with the Order of Enbek Danky, 3rd degree.

The decision to award Bekbolatuly comes in the wake of an incident on May 2, when smoke was detected on the conveyor drift within the mine, prompting the evacuation of 187 miners. Acting swiftly and bravely, Aibar Kosanov, working as an electrical mechanic in the conveyor route section, utilized primary fire extinguishing equipment to single-handedly address the smoke issue, preventing potential harm and ensuring the safety of his colleagues.


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