President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Meets with Central Asian Security Council Secretaries

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev recently welcomed the secretaries of the Security Councils from the Central Asian countries. He emphasized that this inaugural meeting aims to create an effective platform for addressing both external and internal challenges, and for developing necessary response strategies.

President Tokayev highlighted the significance of regional cooperation, noting its positive development across all sectors. He pointed out the growing interstate political dialogue and the expanding trade and economic cooperation, with intraregional trade increasing by over 80% in the past five years, now surpassing $10 billion. The President also mentioned the increasing business interactions and joint ventures, which are reshaping the Central Asian economy. He emphasized the importance of developing transport and logistics infrastructure and enhancing cultural and humanitarian ties.

Tokayev stressed the need for a productive dialogue on regional security and stability, given the cross-border nature of modern threats. He underscored the importance of combating international extremism, terrorism, drug trafficking, and arms trade. Afghanistan, he noted, should be a focal point for regional attention due to its complex situation. He suggested the creation of a UN Regional Center for Sustainable Development Goals for Central Asia and Afghanistan to facilitate regional integration.

The meeting also served as a preparation for the Sixth Consultative Meeting of Central Asian Heads of State, scheduled for August 9 in Astana. Tokayev mentioned Kazakhstan’s efforts as the current chair to strengthen the summit’s potential, including the development of the “Central Asia – 2040” regional cooperation strategy. He expressed hope that this document, aimed at enhancing five-party cooperation and the international profile of Central Asia, would be adopted during the summit.

Tokayev also referred to the Treaty on Friendship, Good-Neighborliness, and Cooperation for the Development of Central Asia in the 21st Century, which aims to elevate strategic partnerships. He called for the completion and implementation of this historic agreement.

The President praised the high level of regional cooperation and noted the importance of systematic collaboration with external partners. He highlighted the strong interest from global players in the Central Asia Plus format, citing recent meetings with the EU, China, the USA, the GCC, and Germany as evidence.

Finally, Tokayev urged resistance to any external forces attempting to divide the region. He assured that the Central Asian countries are committed to finding mutually acceptable solutions and emphasized the importance of unified action for regional prosperity. He also expressed gratitude for the solidarity and assistance received from neighboring countries during the recent floods in Kazakhstan.




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