President Inaugurates National Guard Airbase

President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, participated in the grand opening ceremony of the National Guard airbase in Astana.

In his address, President Tokayev extended his congratulations to the attendees on the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day, underlining its significance in fostering patriotic sentiments and bolstering morale. He emphasized the crucial role of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan as a steadfast defender of the nation’s interests, ensuring peace and stability.

“The establishment of the airbase marks a significant milestone not only for the National Guard but for our entire military. It will substantially enhance the operational capabilities of law enforcement agencies and facilitate swift aviation operations. The state remains committed to enhancing the Armed Forces and advancing military infrastructure,” remarked President Tokayev.

He specifically commended the military personnel for their exemplary service during unprecedented floods, highlighting their dedication to their oath.

President Tokayev expressed profound gratitude to the military pilots for their professionalism in delivering humanitarian aid and conducting safe evacuations during crises.

Furthermore, he lauded the professionalism of Kazakhstani troops, noting their successful participation in international missions, including independent tasks in the Golan Heights under the UN’s auspices.

The President announced the decision to name the airbase of the Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces in Taldykorgan after Sergei Lugansky, a twice Hero of the Soviet Union, to honor his legacy and inspire future generations.

President Tokayev underscored the continuation of the courageous legacy of Kazakh warriors and ancestors by the military personnel, wishing them success in serving the Motherland.

During the ceremony, President Tokayev inspected new aviation, combat, and special equipment of the Armed Forces and other military formations.

He also surveyed various infrastructure facilities at the airbase, ensuring readiness for combat missions, as reported by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard, Erkin Botakanov.

President Tokayev concluded the visit by signing the Book of Honored Guests in the Hall of Fame of the military town.

Located near Astana airport, the airbase’s strategic positioning enables timely deployment of personnel and equipment, as well as aerial support for National Guard units engaged in reconnaissance and casualty evacuation operations.



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