Paris Hosts TEIF 2024: International Forum to Attract Investment in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector

The capital of France, Paris, welcomed the commencement of the International Forum aimed at attracting foreign investment in Turkmenistan's energy sector (TEIF 2024) on Wednesday.

This significant event was reported by the electronic newspaper of Turkmenistan’s oil and gas sector.

In light of this occasion, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov extended his congratulations to the participants, expressing his conviction that the forum would serve as a catalyst for addressing domestic challenges in the oil and gas sector, attracting foreign capital, and enhancing mutually beneficial partnerships.

TEIF 2024 will delve into discussions on Turkmenistan’s role in shaping the future of global energy, exploring new investment prospects in the oil and gas industry, mitigating emissions from hydrocarbon production, expediting investments in infrastructure projects, and the involvement of financial institutions in promoting clean energy initiatives.

The forum will particularly emphasize attracting foreign investment in hydrocarbon resources within the Caspian Sea, optimizing production in mature fields, developing the Galkynysh gas field, advancing the TAPI gas pipeline project, and establishing new gas production facilities. A dedicated session will address strategies for reducing methane emissions, alongside discussions on opportunities in Turkmenistan’s construction and transportation sectors.



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