Over 126,000 ARVI Cases Recorded in Astana This Epidemic Season

While the coronavirus situation remains stable, concerns persist regarding the unfavorable measles situation.

Astana has seen a significant rise in acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) during this epidemic season, with over 126,000 cases reported, TuraNews.kz reports citing Kazinform. 

Dr. Sarhat Beisenova, the chief sanitary doctor of the capital, revealed that from the 40th week of 2023 to the 6th week of 2024, 126,433 cases of ARVI were registered among Astana’s population. This marks a 15% increase compared to the same period in the previous epidemic season, with an incidence rate 1.1 times higher than last year.

Beisenova emphasized the potential complications associated with seasonal flu, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with certain medical conditions.

Recent data shows a concerning uptick in ARVI and influenza cases in Astana, with a 12% increase observed compared to the previous week. Notably, higher infection rates were observed among children under 14, schoolchildren, students, and pregnant women.

During this epidemic season, 508 hospitalized and 145 outpatient patients underwent virological examinations. Among them, the influenza type “A” virus (H3N2) was isolated from 221 cases, highlighting the importance of continued monitoring and preventive measures amidst the ongoing health challenges.


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