Official Meeting Ceremony Held in Bishkek Between Kyrgyz President and Malaysian Prime Minister

Today, May 15, an official meeting ceremony was held in Bishkek between President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Zhaparov and Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim, who arrived in the country for an official visit.

The Ala-Archa State Residence served as the venue, where the national flags of Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia adorned the scene under a marble tent, complemented by a guard of honor and laid-out carpets.

Amidst the dignified atmosphere, the leaders of both nations exchanged greetings, accompanied by the rendition of their respective national anthems. Following a briefing from the commander of the Honor Guard company, President Zhaparov and Prime Minister Ibrahim inspected the formation.

Subsequently, President Zhaparov and Prime Minister Ibrahim introduced members of their official delegations, after which the servicemen of the Guard of Honor paraded before the leaders.

Upon the conclusion of the joint photograph session, President Zhaparov and Prime Minister Ibrahim proceeded to the negotiation room for discussions in an expanded format.



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