North Macedonia Hosts XXXI International Khydirellez Spring Festival with Cultural Splendor

The "XXXI International Khydirellez" spring festival is currently underway in North Macedonia, bringing a surge of enthusiasm and cultural vibrancy to the region. The festival kicked off with grand festivities from May 3 to 6 in the picturesque village of Chalykly, Valenova.

The opening ceremony commenced with the stirring renditions of the national anthems of North Macedonia and Türkiye, followed by captivating performances showcasing the rich traditions of Hidrellez by the “Bahar” folklore group of Chalykly.

Distinguished guests graced the occasion, including former President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Gheorghe Ivanov, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in Skopje, Fatih Ulusoy, and Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY, Sayit Yusuf. Also in attendance were prominent figures such as TDP Chairman and Deputy Beijan Ilyas, TIKA Skopje Coordinator Mehmet Bayrak, Valenova Mayor Pero Kostadinov, Deputy Ministers Enver Husein and Onur Ali, along with MATÜSiTEB chairman Tahsin Ibrahim, and representatives from various institutions and organizations.

The festivities continued with a diverse array of activities, including exhibitions, folk performances, and a thrilling wrestling tournament. Moreover, on May 6, 2024, the “XXVI Turkic Culture” symposium is scheduled to take place at the “May 25 Culture Center” in Valenova. The symposium promises to be an intellectually enriching event, with the participation of numerous esteemed scholars and researchers.




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