New mosque opened in Nur-Sultan

Nur Sultan Grand Mosque, which can be seen from many parts of the city of Nur Sultan with its magnificent architecture and majestic structure, is a candidate for Guinness World Records as it contains the largest examples of its kind in the world.

The mosque, which carries a depiction and symbolic meaning at every point of its design, holds a world record with the size of the main chandelier in the Haram section, while the Qibla Wall on which the 99 names of Allah are written, and the number of crystals used on it and its total size, is the largest of its kind.

Nur Sultan Great Mosque, which has an imposing main dome and one of the largest temple doors in the world, also includes the world’s largest mosque courtyard, which was built in geographies where the winter climate prevails. The carpet with an oval pattern of 70 meters in diameter in the main hall is among the elements that are nominated for the world record with its size.

The building, which was built on a total area of ​​10 hectares, stands out with its ability to host up to 30 thousand visitors at once.


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