Nearly 9,000 Kazakhstanis Embrace Interregional Relocation in 2023 under National Development Project

As part of the national project "Strong Regions – Driver of the Country’s Development," 8,903 individuals voluntarily made the move from labor-surplus to labor-deficient regions in Kazakhstan in 2023. This initiative, aimed at bolstering regional development, witnessed 6,492 migrants and 2,337 candidates benefiting from various government support measures.

Residents seizing the opportunity to relocate to regions with employment opportunities have reported positive transformations in their lives. Kuralai Masatbaeva, a beneficiary of the program, shared her experience of moving from the capital to Taiynsha in the North Kazakhstan region in 2021.

“After the move, our family received financial assistance of 612,570 tenge for relocation, and we were provided with government rental housing in the city,” Masatbaeva remarked.

She, having a higher education in “Primary Military Training,” utilized a state grant of 1 million 380 thousand tenge received last year to establish a mini-bakery.

“During maternity leave, I aspired to start my own business and work from home, close to my children. With the support of the Taiynshinsky district employment center, I learned about available grants. Being a displaced person, I qualified for the category and received guidance on all relevant matters. I decided to give it a try, defended my business plan, and secured a state grant,” she explained.

Government support measures for those relocating as part of the National Project include a relocation subsidy, monthly subsidies for housing and utilities for up to 12 months, vocational training referrals, assistance in employment or entrepreneurial initiatives, and the issuance of economic mobility certificates.

Moreover, employers aiding in interregional relocation receive a one-time employment subsidy for each employee provided with housing and hired for permanent work for a minimum of 2 years.

Out of the individuals who moved last year, 4,158 are of working age, with 3,079 securing permanent employment, 164 engaging in entrepreneurial activities, and 35 receiving grants to initiate their businesses.




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