“My Altai” TV Series Tops Ratings on China’s CCTV-1

The eight-episode television series "My Altai," which explores the life of Kazakhs in China, has quickly become the most popular show on China Central Television's CCTV-1 channel.

According to People.com, “My Altai” reached the number one spot on its first day of airing. Within the first two days, the series garnered over 10 million views on Chinese video platforms. On social media networks TikTok and Weibo, “My Altai” became the most searched term.

The website Zhihu.com reported that the series has spurred a significant increase in tourism to Xinjiang, the picturesque location where the show was filmed. This surge has led to a rise in hotel bookings in the region.

Based on the 2010 novel by writer Li Zhuuan, “My Altai” portrays the experiences of the author and his mother in a Kazakh village in the Altai region, highlighting the region’s stunning nature and the life of the Kazakhs. The series stars famous Chinese actors Ma Yili and Zhou Iran, along with Xinjiang natives Alma and Kairat.


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