Missing Kazakhstani student found

It was reported by the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Istanbul that a student from Kazakhstan who has been missing since October 22 has been found.

Rauan Darkhanuly who is a student at university in Izmir, disappeared on October 22 and since then his relatives have been sharing the news about this issue on social media.

The statement that Rauan was found was shared on the Telegram channel of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Istanbul.

“Since the date of his disappearance we’ve been searching for Rauan and we have reached him as the result of the search operations we have carried out together with Izmir Governorship, Izmir police and Kazakhstani volunteers. On 28 of October, the Kazakh student was taken to the Izmir police station in the company of his family and Consular officers.” said in Telegram messafe of Consulate General.

While the details of where and how the Kazakh student was found were not specified, the Consulate General reported that there have been various incidents involving Kazakh citizens in Turkey recently.

“These incidents include fights, frauds, missing persons, irregularities in the field of health and education tourism, and cases of frauds. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan reminds our citizens to pay attention to such matters as much as possible when traveling abroad,” he said.

Stating that they met with Rauan at a local place on the evening of October 22, the friends of the Kazakhstani student said that when they left the place, Rauan realized that he forgot his mobile phone and he returned to there but then he was nowhere to be found.



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