Kyrgyzstan Introduces New 5,000 Som Banknote as Part of Fifth Currency Series

Starting today, May 10, 2024, Kyrgyzstan has commenced circulation of a new 5,000 som banknote, belonging to the latest fifth series of the national currency, model 2023.

The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic disclosed that the newly introduced 5,000 som banknote showcases a portrait of the esteemed Kyrgyz actor and artist S. Chokmorov on the obverse side, while the reverse side features the iconic Ala-Too cinema building.

Retaining its primary color and dimensions, the 5,000 som banknote incorporates a sophisticated array of modern security elements, ensuring robust protection against counterfeit attempts.

Key security features of the 5,000 som banknote of the 2023 model include:

  1. Watermark: A multi-tone portrait and electrotype resembling the denomination.
  2. Security thread: A discontinuous line that transforms into a solid line when exposed to light, featuring denomination figures and the National Bank’s rhombus-shaped logo. Tilting the banknote reveals a flashing rhombus and a moving stripe.
  3. Overlapping image: Fragments of the imagery on both sides of the banknote form a diamond shape under light.
  4. Relief images: Enhanced depth in the area of the portrait, inscriptions, and numerical denomination.
  5. Hidden image: A multi-colored catfish symbol “C” emerges when the banknote is tilted.
  6. Color-shifting ink: Three-dimensional rings appear and the color of the ornament shifts from golden to green upon tilting.
  7. Shiny stripe (on reverse side): Featuring the denomination figure and the National Bank’s logo.

May 10 also marks Bank Worker Day in Kyrgyzstan, commemorating 31 years since the nation’s adoption of its own national currency, the Kyrgyz som, which stands as a prominent symbol of sovereignty.


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