Kazakhstan’s startup transforms industrial sector

Increasing production efficiency, reducing defects, as well as equipment downtime – Kazakh specialists invented a unique platform for data processing and the implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things. The system allows optimization of both production and business processes at enterprises engaged in the mining, oil and gas and processing sectors. With the help of special tools, it allows not only to collect, but also to analyze data. It can detect leakage and over-consumption of raw materials and energy resources. In turn, the manufacturer, using the platform, can monitor all the shortcomings and errors in production.

“We use artificial intelligence elements to organize and optimize the work of industrial enterprises. Our company has existed for about four years. In Kazakhstan, we have implemented about 10 projects. These are projects related to fairly large organizations. So, in all of our projects, we tried to show the effectiveness of digital software solutions for enterprises to the maximum,” said Yerzhan Janzakov, President of the Kazakh IT solutions company.

The company managed to expand its capabilities by winning the innovation grant competition last year. The main requirement in choosing projects there was compliance with the concept of ‘know-how’. Now the company is ready to enter the markets of neighboring countries.

“The potential of these kinds of products for Kazakhstan is very high, as it is an opportunity to export such solutions to other countries. The grant funding in the context of QazInnovations was about 40 million, but since it is co-financing, the total amount was 55 million. Most of these funds were spent on software development and refinement, including the purchase of equipment for organizing our production,” added Janzakov.

The innovation grant competition in the country was extended for other start-up companies that dream of expanding their opportunities. Applications will be open until September 15th.


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