Kazakhstan’s Population Surpasses 20 Million

The population of Kazakhstan has exceeded 20 million people, according to updated data from the Bureau of National Statistics, part of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As of July 1, 2024, the population of Kazakhstan stands at 20,139,914, an increase of 106,072 people since January. At the beginning of the year, the population was recorded at 20,033,841.

The urban population amounts to 12,552,583 people, while the rural population is 7,587,331 people.

The five most populous regions are:

  1. Almaty (2,253,502 people)
  2. Turkestan region (2,149,210 people)
  3. Almaty region (1,543,588 people)
  4. Astana (1,464,415 people)
  5. Shymkent (1,236,901 people)

Other regions with significant populations include Zhambyl (1,223,457 people) and Karaganda (1,134,935 people). The Aktobe region is nearing the one million mark with 943,615 residents as of June 1.

Most Kazakhstanis live in urban areas, with 12,552,583 people residing in cities, while 7,587,331 people live in rural areas.


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