Kazakhstan to Launch New Drone Faculty

A significant milestone in Kazakh-South Korean cooperation has been reached with the agreement to establish a new drone faculty in Kazakhstan, supported by South Korea. The agreement was formalized during a visit to South Korea by a delegation from the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Construction.

During the three-day visit, the Kazakh delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with various stakeholders, including representatives of the Korean government and heads of major companies. They also visited Jay and Shinhan universities, where they attended lectures and familiarized themselves with the process of training engineers specialized in drone technology.

Currently, only two universities in Kazakhstan offer drone-related departments. The new faculty, to be established with the assistance of Jay University, will significantly bolster Kazakhstan’s capacity in this field. Korean professors will play a pivotal role in training personnel for the burgeoning drone industry in Kazakhstan.

Azamat Beyspekov, Vice Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, highlighted the collaborative efforts, stating, “At the Jay Academy, there are specialized programs for high school students and those who work in production. We will train specialists using these programs. Representatives of Jay University will visit Kazakhstan, engage with technical universities, and select partners. Both Korean and Turkish sides are prepared to share technologies and competencies for drone production with us.”



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