Kazakhstan to Establish Consulate in Phuket, Expanding Ties with Thailand

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Murat Nurtleu, disclosed plans to open a consulate in Phuket during his official visit to Bangkok.

In his inaugural visit to Thailand, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister engaged in discussions with his Thai counterpart, Panpri Bahiddha-Nukara. Nurtleu highlighted the agreement to establish a consulate in Phuket and explored avenues for enhancing direct flights between Kazakhstan and Thailand.

“We had constructive discussions regarding the potential for more direct flights between our capitals and other major cities. Additionally, we have mutually agreed to establish a Kazakh consulate in Phuket, and we appreciate the support extended by the Royal Thai Government for our initiative,” Nurtleu remarked.

Tourism emerged as a cornerstone of bilateral friendship and robust cooperation between the two nations. Kazakhstan witnessed a substantial increase in Thai visitors, with 172 thousand arrivals in 2023, tripling the figures from 2022. Moreover, January-February 2024 recorded 58 thousand tourists from Kazakhstan visiting Thailand.

“In return, Kazakhstan offers a new destination for Thai tourists. Our nation boasts world-class winter resorts, ski slopes, as well as unique natural parks and historical landmarks. I extend an invitation to our Thai friends to attend the World Nomad Games in Astana this September,” Nurtleu extended.




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