Kazakhstan to Commission Longest Road Tunnel in July

This year, several significant infrastructure projects are set to be completed in Kazakhstan. Among them is the country's longest road tunnel, located on the Shakpak Baba pass in the Turkestan region, stretching 840 meters.

The tunnel will be operational in July, providing year-round access for drivers, even in winter conditions. Transport Minister Marat Karabaev announced this at a Government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov.

Another key project is a 6 km long road overpass at Shamalgan station, crucial for transit in the Almaty agglomeration, which will open in September.

Additionally, the 262 km Merke-Burylbaytal highway, linking central and northern regions to the Western Europe – Western China corridor, will be commissioned this year.

Furthermore, a 1.3 km bridge across the Bukhtarma Reservoir in Eastern Kazakhstan is set to be completed. This bridge will ensure safe travel for residents who currently use a ferry in summer and cross on ice in winter. “The bridge will connect four districts of the East Kazakhstan region. This historic project has been discussed for 60 years. Thanks to the decision of the Head of State, it will be operational by the end of the year,” said Minister Karabaev.

In Western Kazakhstan, major repairs on the Kaztalovka – Zhanibek and Onege – Bisen – Saikyn highways, totaling 245 km, will be completed by the end of the year to develop the Bokey Orda tourist zone.




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