Kazakhstan Plans to Introduce New Visa for Foreigners

During a government meeting on May 14, the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, Ermek Marzhikpayev, outlined proposals to introduce a visa tailored for modern nomads.

Marzhikpayev emphasized the necessity of enhancing the visa and migration system through digitalization and simplification of visa procedures.

He stated, “Together with relevant government bodies, we are exploring the introduction of a new visa category for foreign citizens, tentatively named the ‘Neo Nomad Visa,’ granting them long-term residency rights in the country. The expected economic impact of this initiative is projected to exceed 3 billion tenge annually. The implementation framework for the Neo Nomad Visa has been developed and submitted to relevant government agencies.”

According to the minister, in 2023, Kazakhstan welcomed 9.2 million foreign visitors, double the figure from 2022. Additionally, over 9.6 million Kazakhstanis traveled domestically, marking a one-million-person increase from 2022.

Tourism-related services generated revenues exceeding 229 billion tenge, a 1.3-fold increase from 2022. Tax revenues from the tourism sector totaled 450 billion tenge, representing a 64 billion tenge increment compared to 2022.

Marzhikpayev also discussed plans to introduce an SOS button for tourists during the same meeting.



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