Kazakhstan Foils Two Terrorist Attacks in 2024

Kazakhstan's intelligence services have successfully thwarted two terrorist attacks since the beginning of 2024, one of which was prevented through cooperation with foreign partners.

On May 29, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with Ermek Sagimbayev, the Chairman of the National Security Committee, to review the agency’s efforts in countering terrorism and religious extremism. During this meeting, Sagimbayev reported on the committee’s accomplishments and ongoing measures.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was informed that two terrorist attacks have been prevented since the beginning of the year, including one that was thwarted abroad in cooperation with foreign partners.

Sagimbayev revealed that, in addition to preventing the attacks, the committee has convicted 26 individuals involved in terrorist and extremist activities, with pre-trial investigations continuing for another 22 suspects.

Furthermore, the committee has barred 139 foreigners from entering Kazakhstan and deported over 280 individuals due to their extremist views. Efforts to curb the spread of extremist ideology also led to the interception of more than 190 attempts to smuggle prohibited religious literature into the country, and 19 foreigners were prosecuted for these actions.

In terms of counter-terrorism operations, 237 firearms, 27 explosive devices, and over 4,500 pieces of ammunition were confiscated from illegal circulation. Over 340 anti-terrorism exercises have been conducted this year, and about 3,400 inspections of government buildings and other high-traffic areas have been performed to enhance security.

President Tokayev was also briefed on the progress of the comprehensive plan to develop the country’s counter-extremism and terrorism system for 2023-2025. Following the meeting, he issued several directives to further bolster anti-terrorism activities.


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