Kazakhstan exports fermented camel milk

The demand for domestic shubat, which is fermented camel milk, is rising. The organic product is attracting growing interest among foreign customers; orders are already coming from abroad. It is exported to China and Arab countries. Akshi village in Almaty region is increasing the production of the national beverage for export. A factory producing camel milk powder was launched there last year. The production capacity amounts to 30 tonnes per month.
Camel milk

“We have residents who are developing their own farmstead, increasing the number of camels and selling homemade shubat. Their business is growing. Presently, the demand for an eco-friendly product is growing all over the world,” Tolegen Omarov, Governor of Kurtinsky Rural County of Iliysky district in Almaty Region, said.

“Our product is very popular among city residents. We accept orders two or three days in advance. We usually send the product via bus, and then our customers pick it up themselves. We sell up to 60 liters of shubat every day,” said Zhambyl Karashbayev, resident of Akshi village.

In addition, camel meat is also in demand along with shubat. It contains a small amount of cholesterol, and fat is used in the treatment of various diseases.

“At first, we had only two camels, but now we have almost 50 of them. We are developing a business that brings not only profit, but also great benefit to our customers. After all, it’s commonly known that camel milk has beneficial health effects,” shared Yerkinai Abilkhanova, resident of Akshi village.

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