Kazakhstan Expands Meat Exports to Iran: Agreement Opens Doors for Frozen Meat Trade

Kazakhstan has entered into an agreement to export frozen meat to Iran, diversifying its meat export capabilities beyond the previous provision of chilled beef. Previously limited to supplying Iran with chilled beef, which had a shelf life of up to three days, this new move is expected to enhance trade relations between the two nations, reports.

The memorandum formalizing this agreement was signed on December 3, 2023, in Tehran. Signatories included Mojtaba Norouzi, Deputy Minister and Head of the Veterinary Organization of Iran, and Amangaliy Berdalin, Vice Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, marking a pivotal moment for both countries.

Under the terms of the agreement, the following key points were established:

1.Veterinary and Sanitary Import Requirements: The memorandum outlines the veterinary and sanitary import requirements for frozen boneless beef from Kazakhstan. The Iranian authorities will set forth the necessary standards, paving the way for the approval of veterinary certificates and the subsequent initiation of frozen boneless beef exports from Kazakhstan to Iran.

2.Inclusion of Iranian Dairy Companies: Kazakhstan expressed its willingness to collaborate on the inclusion of Iranian dairy enterprises in the Register of third countries authorized to import dairy products into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Republic of Kazakhstan. This process will involve an audit and joint inspection, including representatives from the EAEU, Kazakhstan, the veterinary service of Iran, and Iranian dairy enterprises.

3.Shelf Life of Vacuum-Packed Fresh Cattle Meat: Responding to Kazakhstan’s request to extend the shelf life of vacuum-packed fresh cattle meat from three to sixteen days, the Iranian side requested scientific documentation supporting this extension. The Iran Veterinary Organization will review the submitted documents within the technical committee for import and export.

This collaborative effort is expected to not only diversify meat trade options but also strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between Kazakhstan and Iran.


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