Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan to Lay Electric Cable Across Caspian Sea Floor

the heads of the Energy Ministries of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan have signed a memorandum outlining plans to interconnect their energy systems. This agreement was sealed during the Tashkent International Investment Forum.

The memorandum aims to establish the foundational conditions for collaboration in connecting the energy systems of the three republics. One of the key aspects of this cooperation involves exploring the feasibility of linking their energy systems through the installation of a high-voltage cable along the bottom of the Caspian Sea and across other territories. This initiative aims to facilitate the optimal trade of green energy from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, both technically and economically.

Almasadam Satkaliev, the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, highlighted that a preliminary technical specification for laying a deep-sea cable beneath the Caspian Sea has already been prepared. He further emphasized that this project includes the development of a proposed business model for international transmission corridors, encompassing aspects such as financing, revenue flow, and ownership. Additionally, plans are in place for selling green energy to European Union countries.

Satkaliev noted that the drafting of the memorandum signifies a significant step forward in the collaboration between the Energy Ministries of the three nations. Discussions have solidified basic approaches to the project’s implementation, and the Kazakh Ministry of Energy stands fully prepared for continued and comprehensive cooperation moving forward.



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