Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Enhance Collaboration in Higher Education and Science

A meeting transpired between Beybuta Atamkulov, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan, and Kongratbayem Sharipov, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation of Uzbekistan, signaling a renewed commitment to bilateral cooperation in the domains of higher education and science.

The discussions revolved around various facets of ongoing bilateral cooperation in these sectors. Emphasis was placed on the necessity of bolstering collaboration within the framework of existing agreements directly signed between universities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Currently, there are 471 such contracts in force.

During the meeting, Ambassador B. Atamkulov elucidated the primary objectives of the reforms underway in Kazakhstan, spearheaded by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Jomart Tokayev. These reforms aim to elevate the standard of higher education and cultivate a skilled youth workforce for the nation.


In this context, the Ambassador underscored the congruence between the reforms implemented in Kazakhstan and those initiated by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, particularly concerning youth support and the enhancement of educational quality.

In line with the directives of the heads of state, efforts have been underway since 2022 and further consolidated under the intergovernmental agreement in 2023 to establish branches of educational institutions. Notably, the South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezova is set to open a branch in Chirchike, while the Tashkent Institute of Agricultural Irrigation and Mechanization Engineers plans to establish a branch in Almaty.

As of December 2023, the exchange of students between the two countries has been robust, with 6,721 citizens of Uzbekistan pursuing studies in Kazakh universities and 416 Kazakh students enrolled in Uzbek educational institutions. This thriving academic exchange serves as a testament to the strengthening ties between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the realms of higher education and science.



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