Kazakhstan Advances in Artificial Intelligence Projects Across Various Sectors

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan has shared updates on the ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) projects in the country, reports citing

Numerous initiatives employing algorithms and AI technologies are currently underway in Kazakhstan, spanning diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, law enforcement, and the development of smart cities. Notably, several healthcare projects have garnered recognition, including Cerebra, which aids in diagnosing signs of stroke, Aident, designed to assist orthodontists, Smart ECG for remote interpretation of electrocardiograms, and the PneumoNet system for identifying seventeen of the most pathogenic lung diseases. These projects have not only gained prominence within Kazakhstan but have also earned recognition internationally.

In the realm of smart cities, projects such as TargetAI, Sergek Group, and are contributing to the analysis of video data using artificial intelligence, big data processing, and monitoring activities beyond urban areas.

Furthermore, the NEURON OIL software is currently operational, utilizing machine learning algorithms. This software enables oil-producing companies to make informed decisions regarding development management based on data, conducting a multifactor analysis of events at wells.

The ministry emphasized the diverse applications of artificial intelligence in improving various aspects of society and industry, showcasing Kazakhstan’s commitment to technological advancements and innovation. These projects mark significant strides in harnessing AI for the benefit of citizens and industries across the nation.


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