Kazakh National Dombra Day Celebrated in Ankara

In celebration of the Kazakh National Dombra Day, a concert was held in Kizilay Square, Ankara, receiving a warm and enthusiastic response from the local residents.

The event featured a selection of Kazakh folk songs performed by Kazakh students from the arts faculties of Ankara universities.

Following the concert, TURKSOY representative Sanjar Myulazymoglu, speaking on behalf of Secretary General Sultan Raev, congratulated Kazakhstan and the entire Turkic world on the National Dombra Day on July 1. He expressed gratitude to the audience and the performers, emphasizing that the dombra is a cherished musical instrument for not only Kazakhs but the entire Turkic world.

Mülazimoglu also highlighted the ongoing collaboration between TURKSOY and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He stated, “The duty of TURKSOY, the first cooperation organization created between the Turkic states, is to protect and disseminate the culture and civilization of the Turkic world, and TURKSOY will continue to fulfill this mission.”




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