Japarov Asserts Kyrgyzstan’s Unwavering Commitment to Freedom of Speech Amid Criticism

Sadyr Japarov, the President of Kyrgyzstan, adamantly stated that restricting freedom of speech in the country is not feasible, asserting that the people would oppose any such attempts.

In an interview with the Kabar news agency, President Japarov responded to assessments from international and public organizations regarding a purported decline in freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan.

He emphasized the historical support for freedom of expression among the Kyrgyz populace, dismissing claims of worsening conditions as efforts to destabilize the nation.

President Japarov criticized those who exploit the notion of freedom of speech for their own agendas, labeling them as “false patriots.” He warned against propaganda aimed at fostering dissent and spreading misinformation, affirming that such actions contradict Kyrgyz statehood, mentality, and traditions. He reassured that the government upholds human rights in Kyrgyzstan, promptly addressing any shortcomings.

Japarov highlighted challenges arising from misuse of democratic principles, citing instances where individuals incite unrest under the guise of democracy. He criticized certain information outlets for disseminating unverified or false information, urging adherence to democratic norms.

Regarding global democracy rankings, Japarov suggested that these assessments are biased, often reflecting the agendas of those who claim to champion freedom of speech. He expressed reluctance to adopt policies incongruent with Kyrgyz values solely to improve rankings.

Earlier, in another interview with Kabar news agency, Japarov dismissed the possibility of violent regime change in Kyrgyzstan, asserting the absence of grounds for such actions.

President Japarov’s remarks underscore Kyrgyzstan’s commitment to preserving freedom of speech while confronting challenges posed by misinformation and external assessments of democratic norms.



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