In Kazakhstan, Turkestan will be given the status of “spiritual and historical capital”

It has been reported that Turkistan, the spiritual capital of the Turkic world, will be given the status of "the spiritual and historical capital of the country" in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan President Kassym Zhomart Tokayev visited to Turkestan city which is the administrative center of the Turkestan province in the south of the country.

As part of his visit, Tokayev met with the people of the city and pointed to the special place of Turkestan in the Kazakh history.

Pointing out that Turkestan is the cradle of the Turkic world and a holy place known to the whole world, Tokayev said, “The Hodja Ahmet Yesevi Tomb in Turkestan is an unshakable source of our spirituality. Therefore, we should pay special attention to Turkestan city and Turkestan region as a whole.” he said.

Reminding that the Turkic peoples have great respect for Turkestan and that the city was declared the spiritual capital of the Turkic world last year, Tokayev said, “Undoubtedly, it would be right to call this holy city our spiritual and historical capital. Therefore, the government will soon take a decision to grant Turkestan such a status.” used the phrase.

In addition, Tokayev suggested that the next meeting of the National Assembly, where the issues related to the future of Kazakhstan will be discussed, it’ll be held in Turkestan.

Noting that Turkestan, which was declared the provincial center of Southern Kazakhstan in 2019, has made important developments recently, Tokayev said that the investment in the city has increased 8 times and the number of tourists has increased significantly.

Tokayev made inspections at the Turkestan International Airport, which was built by the Turkish company.


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