Germany Commits €9 Million Investment for Green Industrialization Project in Uzbekistan

Germany has pledged a substantial investment of 9 million euros to propel the green industrialization initiatives in Uzbekistan, reports.

An agreement was reached between the delegation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uzbekistan and the Cluster of Regional Programs in Central Asia to launch this pivotal project.

The funding for the project will be facilitated by Germany, marking a significant step in fostering sustainable industrial practices in Uzbekistan. The agreement signing ceremony occurred following a meeting between the delegation and Torsten Bretzin, coordinator of the Regional Programs Cluster in Central Asia, held within the framework of the UN climate conference COP28 in Dubai.

The project’s focal points include the formulation and execution of policies promoting sustainable green economy and industry through various means, including capacity building, on-the-job training, international collaborations, and knowledge exchange.

A paramount goal of the project is to assist the private sector in incorporating green technologies for resource-efficient and sustainable production, encompassing models like circular economy practices and the establishment of green industrial parks.

Moreover, participants in the project will receive training in methods for measuring and certifying carbon dioxide emissions. Germany’s support will extend to aiding Uzbekistan in trading CO2 certificates internationally and adapting to the EU cross-border carbon management (CBM) system.

Crucially, the project will encompass regions and sectors of Uzbekistan’s economy that are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, aligning with a comprehensive approach to addressing environmental challenges.


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