Erdogan Delivers Keys to 7,000 Citizens for New Houses in Earthquake-Affected Areas

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan handed over keys to new houses to 7,000 citizens who were affected by the earthquake.

Addressing the audience, President Erdogan highlighted the comprehensive efforts undertaken to address the aftermath of the earthquake.

“After detailed research, it has been established that the number of beneficiaries in the earthquake region is 390 thousand people,” stated President Erdogan during his speech. “Today, we are handing over the keys to houses to 7,275 citizens, including 6,572 in our provincial and regional centers and 703 in rural areas. Within the next two months, we will complete the construction of 75 thousand houses in the earthquake zone.”

President Erdogan further announced plans for the delivery of an additional 75 thousand houses throughout the earthquake zone within the next two months, demonstrating a swift response to the housing needs of those affected.

“By the end of the year, we will have delivered 200 thousand houses, largely fulfilling our promise to complete construction within one year after laying the foundation stone,” affirmed President Erdogan. He expressed the commitment to continue delivering 15-20 thousand houses and village residences per month thereafter, ensuring the fulfillment of housing promises to their rightful owners.

In conclusion, President Erdogan reassured citizens, urging them to trust their state and government. “As we move towards our goals, we are determined to eliminate possible threats one by one, especially earthquakes, terrorism, and economic pitfalls,” he emphasized. The President’s remarks underscored the government’s dedication to supporting affected citizens and building resilience against potential challenges.




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