ECO TAXI launched in test mode in Bishkek

ECO TAXI, a municipal project aimed at promoting environmentally friendly transport in Bishkek, has been launched in test mode, reports.

The project, which is part of the city’s initiative to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and reduce noise pollution, allows drivers to operate electric vehicles along a dedicated yellow lane and lease electric vehicles from the city.

Drivers who participate in the project also receive a number of other benefits, including:

  • A stable legal way to earn money with automatic submission of a report to the state tax service of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The possibility of charging at a special rate in specially designated municipal EPS locations (electric charging stations)
  • The entire social package

The test mode of the project will allow the city to assess its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments before launching it on a wider scale.

For more information about the municipal “Eco Taxi” project, please check the link.



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