Earthquake Rattles Almaty Region

Residents of the Kegen district in the Almaty region experienced tremors as an earthquake struck on May 6.

According to reports from the seismic monitoring networks under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the earthquake occurred at 09:12:44 local time on May 6.

The epicenter of the earthquake was pinpointed 194 kilometers southeast of Almaty, situated on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

With an energy class of 11.2 and a magnitude of MPV 5.7, the quake’s coordinates were recorded at 42.73° N and 79.21° E, with a depth of 10 kilometers.

Reports on the perceptibility of the earthquake, measured on the MSK-64 scale, indicate that the tremors were felt in the Almaty region, particularly in the Kegen district, where the village of Kegen recorded 2 points of perceptibility.



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