Delegations from Türkiye, Georgia, and Azerbaijan Confer on Customs and Trade Matters

A meeting convened among Türkiye, Georgia, and Azerbaijan saw discussions on various customs and regional trade issues.

According to a statement from the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi, Turkish Deputy Trade Minister Sezay Ucharmak and his delegation participated in a meeting of the tripartite committee on customs matters in the Georgian capital.

The statement highlighted that officials from the three nations engaged in consultations, focusing on enhancing cooperation to streamline transit through customs checkpoints in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

“Discussions during the meeting centered on electronic data exchange to optimize the efficiency of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway and simplify customs procedures. Additionally, talks aimed to bolster regional trade and transit capabilities,” the statement outlined.

Bilateral discussions were reported to have taken place among the three countries to enhance cooperation on customs issues. Furthermore, Deputy Minister Ucharmak convened with Turkish entrepreneurs at the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi, as per the report.




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