Delayed Flights Resume Operations at Astana International Airport

The situation at Astana International Airport is gradually improving after a temporary disruption. Earlier, due to an emergency incident, 18 flights (14 domestic and 4 international) faced delays.

According to reports from the press service of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, operations at the domestic and international terminals resumed at 10:48 am local time. Passengers began undergoing check-in and pre-flight inspections.

Several flights have already departed, including DV702 to Shymkent at 12:23 pm, IQ389 to Zhezkazgan at 12:26 pm, KC952 to Almaty at 12:46 pm, IQ437 to Petropavlovsk at 1:38 pm, KS7052 to Almaty at 1:36 pm, and KC205 to Dubai at 1:04 pm.

During the emergency, a crisis management center was promptly established at the airport, involving officials from the Civil Aviation Committee, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, Terminals Airport Astana Management LLP, and airport personnel. Evacuated passengers were provided with beverages and food.

“The safety and well-being of our passengers remain our top priority. Therefore, efforts to normalize operations and enhance security measures will continue. We extend our gratitude to passengers for their understanding during this situation,” the message concludes.


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