Death Toll Nears 26,000 in Gaza Strip Amid Israeli Strikes

Израильдің Газа секторына соққылары салдарынан 7 қазаннан бері 25 900 адам мерт болды, тағы 64 110-ы жарақат алды.

The death toll resulting from Israeli forces’ bombings and shelling across various areas of the Gaza Strip is nearing 26,000, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian enclave.

“The number of victims of Israeli aggression since October last year has risen to 25,900, with an additional 64,110 people injured,” stated a message published on the department’s official Telegram channel.

The Gaza Ministry of Health highlighted that “in the past 24 hours alone, 200 people were killed in the enclave, and at least 370 were injured.”


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