Changes Unveiled in V World Nomad Games Program

Significant adjustments have been made to the sports program of the upcoming fifth edition of the World Nomad Games. The organizing committee announced that the program has been streamlined, with exclusion of demonstration performances in national sports.

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Roman Sklyar, presided over a meeting to discuss preparations for the Games. Key figures attending included Minister of Culture and Sports Ermek Marzhikpayev, Head of the Directorate for the Games Nail Nurov, along with officials from various governmental bodies.

Nail Nurov provided a comprehensive update on the preparations for the Games, emphasizing the implementation of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s directive to optimize the budget amid challenging flood situations in certain regions of Kazakhstan.

President Tokayev, considering the financial constraints, instructed governmental bodies to refrain from hosting major events to conserve budgetary resources. Consequently, adjustments were proposed for the World Nomad Games, including reductions in expenses and alterations to the sports program.

In response to the President’s directives, changes were proposed by the Directorate for the Games. The duration of the Games has been shortened by one day, now scheduled from September 8 to September 13.

Furthermore, modifications were made to various sports disciplines. Notably, competitions in “Ssirym” have been entirely removed from the program. Additionally, several weight categories in Mas-Wrestling, Alysh wrestling, Kokpar, and Kurash wrestling have been reduced or halved. The Arkan Tartys competition will now feature only one weight category for both men and women.

On the flip side, “Kok-boruu” and “Koresh” have been introduced to the sports program. Kyrgyz Kok-boruu will adopt the Olympic system with eliminations spanning three days, while Tatar belt wrestling Koresh will feature four weight categories for men.

The meeting also showcased the uniforms for volunteers, the organizing committee, judges, and staff, highlighting the ongoing preparations for the event.


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