Bishkek Schools to Change Class Start Times to Reduce Congestion

The mayor's office in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, has proposed altering the start times for schools to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance the safety of children.

The draft resolution suggests that school classes begin before 8:00 AM, while vocational schools and universities start no earlier than 10:00 AM. This proposal has been submitted for public discussion.

According to city officials, Bishkek’s population of school-aged children is increasing annually due to significant internal migration. Currently, 198,129 children attend the city’s 103 municipal schools, which are designed to accommodate only 89,893 students per shift.

Additionally, Bishkek is home to 129 vocational education institutions, including 36 universities, 77 secondary vocational schools, and 16 vocational lyceums, serving a total of 167,727 students.

The mayor’s office highlighted that the overcrowded schools and heavy traffic during peak times create severe congestion on city roads. Adjusting the start times for educational institutions aims to distribute traffic more evenly throughout the day, thereby reducing congestion and improving safety for students.





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