Azerbaijan Unveils “Made in Turan” Brand at Turkic-Speaking States Economic Forum

The "Economic Forum of Turkic-Speaking States 2024," held in Baku on May 2-3, had a primary objective of showcasing the brands of Turkic-speaking nations on a global stage.

Jamid Movsumov, Chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijan Franchising Association, announced the launch of a new brand during the Economic Forum of Turkic States.

“At the event, we will introduce the ‘Made in Turan’ brand. The primary aim of this brand is to promote products manufactured across the Turan countries. Companies from Turkic states are aligning their objectives accordingly. Additionally, we will engage in discussions with the customs authorities of respective nations. Our objective is to secure special privileges for the ‘Made in Turan’ brand, facilitating unique export opportunities,” Movsumov stated.

He emphasized that the forum’s agenda centered on exploring existing market and investment potentials among Turkic states, fostering the integration of brands into the international arena, and nurturing commercial ties among enterprises.



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