Astana to Host 35th International Biology Olympiad: A Milestone for Kazakh Education

Сегодня в мире существует 7 особо популярных и престижных олимпиад международного уровня, которые традиционно проходят по математике, физике, химии, информатике, географии, лингвистике и биологии. Одна из них - Международная олимпиада по биологии (IBO). Что знаменательно – проведение в Астане при поддержке Правительства РК 35-й престижной Международной олимпиады по биологии в период с 7 по 14 июля. На интеллектуальное мероприятие приедут около 350 талантливых школьников из 80 стран мира. Об этом сообщил председатель Комитета среднего образования МП РК Каныбек Жумашев на площадке Службы центральных коммуникаций.

The announcement was made by Kanybek Zhumashev, Chairman of the Committee of Secondary Education of the MP of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Central Communications Service. Highlighting the honor bestowed upon Kazakhstan as the chosen host, Zhumashev attributed the decision to the exemplary performance of Kazakh schoolchildren in international educational competitions.

Preparations for the Olympiad commenced last year, with collaborative efforts underway among various ministries including science and higher education, health, culture and information, and internal affairs. The Ministry of Education emphasized the meticulous planning involved in organizing the event, culminating in the preparation of a joint order to ensure its success.

Kazakhstan’s participation in the IBO dates back to 1996, with the national team boasting a commendable record of 2 gold, 20 silver, and 54 bronze medals over the years. To facilitate the development of Olympiad tasks, the International Scientific Committee IBO-2024 was formed, comprising young Kazakhstani biologists and scientists who have meticulously crafted all tasks for the practical period.

In addition to the competitive aspect, the Olympiad will feature master classes conducted by leading global scientists, training seminars, and scientific conferences aimed at addressing Olympiad-related challenges in biology for Kazakh teachers. The Kazakh Olympic biology team also benefits from regular training camps and participation in international training programs, further enhancing their expertise and competitiveness on the global stage.

In 2023 alone, Kazakh schoolchildren participated in 26 international Olympiads, clinching an impressive total of 580 medals. Notably, out of the 31 students who competed in the 7 most prestigious international Olympiads, 23 emerged as winners, with 2 students securing gold medals, 11 silver, and 10 bronze. This outstanding performance underscores Kazakhstan’s commitment to excellence in education and its growing prominence in international academic circles.


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