Astana Introduces QR Code System for Real-Time Bus Arrival Information

Astana residents can now track bus arrivals using QR codes at bus stops.

Astana, in its ongoing efforts to modernize electronic fare payment and enhance the dispatch system, has introduced special stickers featuring QR codes at various bus stops. According to, this initiative aims to provide residents with a convenient means of monitoring bus arrivals.

As part of the digitization of stopping points, commuters can now access real-time route arrival forecasts by simply scanning the QR codes on the stickers. To utilize this service, residents are required to download the “Avtobys” mobile application, available on platforms such as Google Play, App Store, or other app stores.

Upon launching the application, users can press the QR button on the main page and scan the QR code displayed at the bus stop. The application will then present information about the routes passing through that stop along with their estimated arrival times.

This innovative approach has already been implemented at 225 bus stops, with ongoing efforts to extend the placement of QR code stickers to additional locations. The integration of such technology aims to enhance the overall commuting experience for Astana residents, providing them with real-time information to better plan their journeys.





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