Asian Tennis Federation’s Board of Directors Convenes in Astana for Strategic Development

The inaugural meeting of the Board of Directors of the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) took place in Astana, with representatives from a diverse range of Asian countries in attendance, including China, India, the Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan, and others.

The discussions centered on three key prerequisites for successful development: enhancing infrastructure, bolstering coaching capabilities, and securing adequate funding. Yuri Polsky, President of the Asian Tennis Federation, expressed gratitude for hosting the event in Astana and praised Kazakhstan’s exemplary growth trajectory, attributing it to systematic approaches and investments over the past 17 years.

Over two days, members deliberated on strategic initiatives to advance tennis in Asia, focusing on creating new tournaments to showcase the region’s top talent and smoothing the transition for young players from junior to professional levels. Delegates visited national tennis centers in Astana, witnessing firsthand Kazakhstan’s commitment to developing young talent, and engaged with coaches.

Polsky extended special appreciation to Bulat Utemuratov, President of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation and Vice-President of the International Tennis Federation, for his steadfast support in improving opportunities for juniors and securing additional tournaments for countries in the early stages of tennis development.

Key outcomes of the meeting included the approval of a new ATF logo and anthem, the decision to increase junior tournaments in Asia, and the mutual provision of wild cards for these events. Additionally, the ATF sought support from Utemuratov to secure additional resources from the International Tennis Federation, furthering the federation’s goals of promoting tennis across Asia.


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