Arab Nations Craft Ceasefire Plan for Gaza Strip

Arab countries have devised a comprehensive plan aimed at securing a ceasefire and facilitating the release of hostages in the Gaza Strip, according to reports from FT and NBC News.

The initiative, currently in progress among Arab states, is part of a broader strategy that could potentially lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Sources cited by NBC News and the Financial Times (FT) indicate that the broader deal hinges on Israel’s willingness to undertake “irreversible” measures towards establishing a Palestinian state.

NBC News received insights from a Western diplomat, who disclosed considerations for a proposed “humanitarian pause” lasting a month or longer, followed by a permanent ceasefire. The diplomat highlighted that the initial pause is envisioned to enable the release of additional hostages. However, two other diplomats revealed that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, insists on a guaranteed permanent ceasefire, a condition that Israel is reportedly reluctant to accept.

Arab nations aspire to present the finalized plan within the coming weeks, as revealed by a senior Arab official to the Financial Times. The newspaper outlines discussions between Arab officials and the governments of the US and Europe. The initiative encompasses Western countries formally recognizing a Palestinian state or expressing support for granting full UN membership to the Palestinians.

Addressing the core issue, an FT source emphasized, “The real problem is that there needs to be hope for the Palestinians; it cannot just be economic gain or the removal of symbols of occupation.” The multifaceted plan reflects ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring about stability and progress in the long-standing conflict in the Gaza Strip.





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