Almaty Records Around Two Thousand Aftershocks in Three Days

The National Scientific Center for Seismological Observations and Research has documented approximately two thousand aftershocks near Almaty within a span of three days.

Zhansaya Dosymbekova, head of the seismological observatory at the National Scientific Center, highlighted the ongoing aftershocks following the earthquake that occurred on the night of January 23 on the China-Kyrgyzstan border.

“About 2,000 weak earthquakes were registered today. 10 of them were from Almaty. The earthquake was at the level of 2-3 points. The last one was registered about two hours at night,” stated Dosymbekova.

While emphasizing that these aftershocks are typically not as dangerous as the initial earthquake, Dosymbekova reassured residents that such occurrences are common after a strong earthquake and can last for years. The initial earthquake on the night of January 22-23 led to 67 people seeking medical assistance for various forms of trauma in Almaty.





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