A political move from Kazakh government: Kazakhstan in Talks with Foreign Companies Planning to Relocate from Russia

Kazakhstan Prime Minister Alihan Ismailov said that they are working to relocate more than 250 companies which ones are mostly Western companies that left the Russian market. Those 45 companies already have taken positive decisions in this direction.

Kazakhstan Prime Minister Alihan Ismailov in an interview with Tengrinews news site, stated that the geopolitical crisis and anti-Russian sanctions negatively affected not only Kazakhstan but whole the world as well.

Noting that they intensified their activities in the field of attracting foreign investment, Ismailov said, “Currently, we are working on the relocation of more than 250 companies (to Kazakhstan) leaving the Russian market. These are mainly western companies operating in non-raw material sectors.”

Noting that 45 companies have already decided to continue their activities in Kazakhstan, İsmailov said, “We work with each company separately so that they can position their production in our economy. In this regard, we have formed working groups for each project.”

Haber Turk


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